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Day Star Fine Art LLP

20-22 Wenlock Road.

London. N1 7GU


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The artist lives to have stories to tell and to learn to tell them well.


Day Star Art Club in collaboration with other institutions and organizations, aims to promote Spanish and European contemporary culture and art in the rest of the world. Strengthening the exchange of information in the areas of culture, art and heritage.

The main objectives of Day Star Art Club are to contribute to a better knowledge of Spanish and European history and culture, to create links between the creative sectors of the countries involved, taking advantage of the cultural diversity and contemporary artistic expression of Spain and Europe. All this, emphasizing the plurality of expression and opinion, creativity in art and a unique cultural heritage.

Day Star Art Club participates in the crystallization of cultural initiatives in the field of contemporary art, promoting artists outside their natural borders. We want to be an intermediary between the institutions and artists of both countries.