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Day Star Fine Art was founded in 2012 by Mr. Jaume Torres. Day Star Fine Art Group has a solid experience in promoting artists on the international scene and in the creation and management of investment funds focused on Fine Arts.


In the beginning of 2019 we established Day Star Collection Inc. a private fund dedicated in Contemporary Art and Day Star Art Club, a new concept of art collectors club.


Our mission is to create more liquidity in the art market and help artists, collectors, art dealers, museums and other professionals to profitably leverage and monetize works of art allowing a wider range of investors to diversify in art investments while we build a valuable collection of contemporary art in the medium and long term.

Our policy is not to incorporate in our collection Artworks of artists that we do not know personally.

This website is private and its only for subscribers.  



Contemporary art is the fastest growing segment of the circa US$60 billion per annum global art market, but also the most volatile. It has the greatest potential for market outperformance, but professional guidance is the key to successful investment in this area. When the right selections are made price appreciation can be exceptional. Contrary to the myth that artists' works appreciate mostly after death, artists usually appreciate the most during their lifetime.

Particularly, we believe that works made during the last two decades in emerging markets, with the underpinnings of an era of significant social flux, are the most likely to appeal to the current generation of new wealth. Locally established artists in emerging economies, yet to gain international recognition, present the greatest opportunity.


Day Star Collection provide liquidity to the Art renting program. Art renting is a convenient, flexible and economical way for clients to enjoy fine art in their hotels and offices. Renting is also available for special events and for home staging.


The fund is a new way to curate environments through art leasing. Working closely with real estate developers, corporations and hospitality groups, we provide innovative and cost-effective ways to showcase significant works of art within every scale of space or project, maintaining and elevating the backdrop and culture they have carefully curated.


Day Star Collection provide liquidity to the Art Lease-Back program. We’ve initiated the most innovative financing solution for art collections, the sale-leaseback. This entails a financial transaction in which clients owning fine art may sell portion or the totality of their collection to Day Star Collection. We then subsequently lease the pieces back to them at a yearly rate.

The lease agreement provides the client with the option to repurchase the collection at any time during the lease at a per annum premium modestly above the initial sale price.


In an effort to broaden our support of the art world, we offering art secured loans for those with shorter term credit needs.  We specialize in asset-based financing using art, and art alone, as collateral. 


We serve collectors, art dealers and galleries, wealth managers and other professionals: 

  • Collectors by allowing them to unlock the value of their collection while maintaining possession of the artworks.

  • Art dealers and galleries by enabling them to secure liquidity to expand their operations and finance their inventories.  

  • Wealth managers, estate planners, lawyers and other professionals by providing them with additional flexibility to manage and monetize their clients’ collections.


“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. ”

Pablo Picasso